Hey guys,

Do you like gardening? Well so do we. We have just started back up with our gardening.

Some of the plants that we are growing are:





Rose bushes

And many more…

What are some of the plants you are growing this year? Do you grow vegetables?

We will be posting pictures of the plants once they start grow.

Here are a few links to some pages for tips and tricks when you are gardening:

Go onto our Facebook and Twitter page #TheVeryBusyBeesArePlanting and post the progress of your plants.

Have a wonderful day planting!

~ The Very Busy Bees 🐝

Summer Plans

Hey you guys,

Summer is coming up soon, who’s excited? I know I am.

Here are some ideas for you summer:

– Holiday abroad

– Camping

– Sailing

– Theme parks

– Disneyland

– Day courses

– Concerts

– Start a new hobby

– Movie days/ game nights

Here are just a few things you could do in your summer holiday.

Can’t wait till it gets warmer, hehe.

Have a lovely day.

~ The Very Busy Bees 🐝

St John Ambulance Cadets

Hey you,

How are you? Ever wanted to learn first aid? Or be apart of something truly amazing?

Well, join St John Ambulance cadets. Adults, teens or children!

One of the bees, just became an NCO in her cadet unit! She went on a three day course, it was tough, but so very worth it!!

It’s so rewarding knowing you have saved someone, helped someone, successes something you never thought you’d be able to succeed! Always believe in yourself! It’s so important!!

Check out the St John Ambulance Cadets website for more information! It’s such an amazing organisation, that helps you develop yourself as a person, build confidence, understanding, knowledge of many subjects and the pride of achieving awards!!

Check SJA out today!

Have a lovely day!

~ The Very Busy Bees 🐝


Hey you guys,

Do you ever find it difficult to be motivated to get up and do something?, or do work? Well, there are many ways of getting motivated, here are some:

– Make goals. 🤗

– Make a list.📜

– Listening to motivational music.

– Getting up earlier.

– Making a chart of things you want to achieve. 📊

Here are just a few, there are so many more ways of getting motivated to do something.

Hope this helps!

Have a lovely and motivated day! 🙂

– The Very Busy Bees 🐝

Welcome to The Very Busy Bees Blog – First Blog


Hey you,

How are you guys today? Thank you for checking our new blog out!! 🙂

This blog post will be a little introduction to what we intend to do on this blog.

So, we’d like to post recipes, arts & crafts, inspirational posts, DIY and many additional others.

We’d love you guys to comment, like and tell us what blog posts you’d like to read!

Thank you for reading, we’d love to see this blog being very successful!


~ The Very Busy Bees

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